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Women Are the Driving Force for the $15 Billion Organic Market

In a recent article on the American Organic Consumers Association (OCA), Amanda Cuder points out that women lead the way in the consumption of organic food - and the subject of womens health is once again centre stage in the organic world.

In the US in 2004 sales of organic products topped $12 billion with women being the driving force behind this huge market - this is for two reasons, womens health and traditional domestic roles.

Womens Health

A general consensus of attitudes to mens and womens health shows that women are more likely to go to a doctor at the first sign of illness, whereas men tend to put off any such move until the complaint gets a little more severe. A possible by product of motherhood, where women assume responsibility for the offspring, it is essential that they remain in good health.

Domestic Roles

Traditionally the woman of the household does the shopping - and with one eye on health issues women tend to buy healthier, organic produce whilst men are more likely to buy convenience junk food that requires little or no preparation.

In the OCA article the writer points out that " Women also tend to be health conscious, Givens said, and it's usually some sort of health event (be it an allergy, an illness or even the birth of a child) that leads people to turn to organic produce."

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